We Care For The Pet And The Client


  • Our regular appointments are 30 minutes long, giving the doctor time to assess the needs of both the patient and the client.
  • We make recommendations based on our honest assessment of what your individual pet needs but we let YOU decide.
  • We don’t take the bureaucratic, one-size fits all approach to veterinary medicine.
  • We offer house-call euthanasia.
  • As we have highly experienced surgeons, we are able to perform many surgeries that other hospitals would have to refer to specialists.
  • We really work to keep our prices reasonable. We raise our prices only when we’re forced to because of increases in overheads.
  • For the benefit of clients and pets, we offer spays and neuters at reduced costs.
  • We offer a 10% Senior Discount for clients over 65.
  • We offer a 10% Good Samaritan discount on the first visit for a found or rescued new pet.