Dr. Jodi

A New Yorker by birth and upbringing, Dr. Wiktorowski (more commonly known as “Dr. Jodi”) has always been what her family saw as a wee bit animal-crazy. She was always the kid who brought home injured birds and squirrels and anything else that needed care. Dr. Jodi has several border collies and enjoys sheep herding with them as well as taking them hiking. She and her partner often load their dogs and kids into the minivan and head for whatever random new trailhead they can find. The kids, perhaps as a result of their ongoing tutelage, enjoy looking for frogs, salamanders, and snakes during those hikes. As a throwback to her own childhood, Dr. Jodi has learned to repeat, “No, you can’t bring it home.”
In addition to her beloved herding dogs, Dr. Jodi has donkeys, chickens, ducks, sheep and frogs. She also is an active beekeeper and is working toward becoming a Master Beekeeper

Dr. Jolean

Dr. Jolean
Hi! I am a Wisconsin native and graduate and have been delighted to join the amazing team at Eugene Animal Hospital. I am the proud mama of an 8 year old boy, Finn, who is already planning his career as a future green bay packer! My furry babies include a fiercely loyal blue heeler, Dingo, a 3 legged feline fireball, Sukha, and a weight challenged butterball, Richard Parker. My favorite aspect of veterinary medicine, is bonding with the clients and their furry family and working together to help treat our 4 legged loved ones. I always treat your pet’s as if they were my own. I will go above and beyond to help my patients thrive.